About Elyssa Smith

Trauma-Informed Life Strategist

I am a trauma-informed life strategist on a mission to empower women to overcome self-sabotage and trauma, providing them with the tools to break free from procrastination, people-pleasing, and overwhelm. With a wealth of healing experiences under her belt, I am dedicated to helping others uproot their sabotage and pursue their dreams.

Have questions? Please reach out to my team and me and we will be sure to help.

Elyssa Smith laughing
Elyssa Smith sitting in a stairwell laughing
Elyssa Smith sitting in a stairwell laughing

Rewire Negative Beliefs

In my own journey, I’ve faced battles with trauma which resulted in years of struggling with chronic self-doubt, perfectionism, panic attacks and physiological symptoms. Determined to save myself from the trauma, I embarked on a challenging path of self-discovery and healing. Today, I draw from my personal triumphs as well as extensive specialized training to guide women through the process of complete trauma recovery, helping them rewire negative beliefs and memories that lead to self-sabotage while unlocking increased productivity and inner calm.

My innovative and self-compassionate time-management model has gained recognition, being featured by prestigious platforms and organizations such as the TEDx Program, Forbes Magazine, Thrive Global, and Fox59 Morning News. My impactful message resonates with audiences worldwide through captivating speaking engagements.

Outside my transformative work, I continue to embody the balance and resilience I teach. I enjoy spending time with my extended family on our Indiana farm, keeping up with my young (and energetic) son and being with my small-but-mighty canine companion.