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Elyssa Smith speaking at The Whole SHEbang Wellness Expo

The Whole SHEbang: Women’s Wellness Expo

May 18, 2024 | Muncie, IN

I had the privilege of participating as a panelist on the Mental Health Panel at The Whole SHEbang: Women’s Health Expo. The event was a phenomenal gathering of women dedicated to helping other women succeed and a vibrant celebration of women-owned businesses, including an impromptu Zumba class that brought energy and joy to the event. During our panel discussion, we delved into crucial topics such as maternal well-being, the dynamics of parenting and caretaking, dealing with trauma, overcoming procrastination, and the connection between nutrition and mental wellness. I was truly honored to share methods to combat self-sabotage with such an incredible group of women and to witness the profound insights and support shared by my fellow panelists.

TEDxBabsonCollege 2024: Sailing the Storm

March 23, 2024 | Babson College, Knight Auditorium, Wellesley, MA

TEDxBabsonCollege logo

“A ship in a harbor is safe, but that is not what ships are built for.” – John A. Shedd

As I stood on the TEDx Babson stage in March, sharing my insights with a room full of eager minds, I could not help but reflect on the journey that brought me here. The theme, “Sailing the Storm,” resonated deeply with me, for it encapsulated my own voyage of self-discovery. Getting to that TEDx stage was not just about delivering a talk; it was about confronting my fears, embracing vulnerability, and transcending my own limitations. Each step of the way, from the initial idea to the final delivery of “Why You Procrastinate — And How To Stop It For Good”, presented me with opportunities to grow and evolve.

Elyssa being prepped to speak at TEDx Babson College.
Elyssa and friends

Powerhouse Women EXPANDERS Retreat

March 5-8, 2024 | Newport Beach, CA

Elyssa and friendsI embarked on what I thought would be a mere business strategy retreat, only to find myself immersed in an utterly transformative journey at Expanders. Hosted by Lindsey Schwartz and Hannah Wells at the beautiful Lido House in Newport Beach, CA, I found myself in a profound overhaul of both life and business. Over the course of three immersive days, and surrounded by forty established female entrepreneurs like myself, I delved deep into the realms of networking, influence, and the cultivation of boundless success and abundance. The experience has indelibly imprinted upon my mission, reinforcing my commitment to channeling the highest facets of myself in service of the empowerment of women.

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Don’t Get Left Behind This Valentine’s Day!

Fox59 Morning News live television appearance | Indianapolis, IN

It is always a pleasure to appear on a live new segment with Fox59 morning anchor Angela Ganote, especially as we delved into the often-overlooked aspect of self-care on Valentine’s Day. Our segment focused on empowering viewers to prioritize their own well-being amidst the romantic holiday.

Watch the Fox59 Morning News interview here!

Elyssa Smith on Fox59 Morning News

…really motivating and refreshing.

I am so glad I booked Elyssa to speak to my mastermind on our retreat. She was highly knowledgeable on her subject, approachable and gave people tangible actions they could implement straight away.

Elyssa is a great speaker, really motivating and refreshing. I wouldn’t hesitate to book her again.

Lisa Johnson | Global Business Strategist